Pediatric Speech Therapy For Families in Skokie, IL


Children and families in Skokie, IL turn to The Center For Speech & Language Development for pediatric speech therapy. We bring years of experience serving a wide range of patients and conditions.

We Bring Therapy To You

We see your child in your home, school, daycare, grandma’s house, virtually…or wherever they’ll be on a regular basis. We believe your child having therapy in a familiar environment leads to better outcomes. It’s also much more convenient for you. You don’t have to plan extra time to get to and from an office for therapy, scramble for coverage, or leave something else early.

Pediatric Speech Therapy for Families in Skokie, IL

Pediatric speech therapy addresses numerous issues in kids and toddlers. Does your 1 year old have a vocabulary of 10 or fewer words? Does your 2 year old struggle to follow directions? Is your toddler having a hard time transitioning from puree to table foods? Does your child drool excessively?

Speech therapy for kids and toddlers in Skokie, IL addresses these and other issues. We evaluate your child, then create a tailored plan to help your child and family raise skills up to an age appropriate level.

We help your child speak more clearly, master the flow of speech when there’s a stutter, eat and swallow better, reduce drooling, understand language better, use language in socially appropriate ways, and other issues your child may face.

Meet Our Therapists

Our speech therapists are all well experienced and credentialed

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