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intervening early with behaviors
Things don’t always go according to plan. That’s certainly true for parents; kids definitely know how to throw you a
Goals for your child
Part of helping your child develop–cognitively, linguistically, and more–is setting goals. Knowing how to design goals for your child can
Communication during playtime
The holidays are always an exciting time of the year for families. For many kids, this festive mix of joy
Child’s first speech sounds
Babies grow up so fast. Before you know it, your little peanut is crawling around the house, mouthing objects, and
Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten
Registering your child for Kindergarten can be incredibly exciting. There’s just so much to look forward to! Your child will
The first day of first grade can be a significant moment for kids. Preschool and kindergarten are fully behind them,
Developing G and K sounds in toddlers
As toddlers grow, they become expert experimenters with all kinds of noises. Around the age of two, your kiddo will
Developing D and T sounds in toddlers
Most children will first develop the ability to articulate d and t sounds as toddlers–sometimes as young as 12 months.
Developing M, B, P sounds in toddlers
Babies babble. It’s an adorable sound--just the thing that brings a smile to every (exhausted) parents’ lips. Before you know
Speech Therapy for S and Z Sounds
Even though they’re separated by a few letters of the alphabet, S and Z sounds are mechanically quite similar. They’re