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Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten
Registering your child for Kindergarten can be incredibly exciting. There’s just so much to look forward to! Your kiddo will
Pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders
As natural as it may feel when you’re an adult, eating is a learned behavior. Infants and children must discover--and
Receptive language disorders
Broadly speaking, children have an impressive ability to learn and synthesize speech by doing little other than listening. So when
Finishing speech Therapy
Watching your child apply themselves to speech therapy can be a true joy. Maybe you watch as trouble articulating the
Speech therapy for autistic children
As a parent, it can be scary when your child isn’t reaching expected speech and communication milestones. Perhaps your daughter
social communication pragmatic disorder
Interpersonal communication is governed by a wide range of unwritten, unspoken rules encompassing both verbal and non verbal cues. The
speech articulation disorder
Articulation refers to the way people produce speech sounds to make words to communicate. Occasionally, as kids learn to talk,
expressive language disorders
Does your school-age child regularly mix up past, present, and future tenses when speaking or writing? Does your three-year-old still
manage kids? daily needs
The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered family life for most people. Schools are closed, many parents are working remotely, and